Oma Castlevania Simons Quest Remake

Started by Wanhus, 21 July 2012, 21:15

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Laitetaas taas vähän päivitys infoa ulos. Ei nyt niin ihmeellinen päivitys mutta fiksaa erästä mestaa mukavammaksi.

Update v0.74 D05.M12.Y2023

-added balloon pod level 1 spore die animation

-added tutorial

-minor improvements to certain location

-minor changes to several sprites

-minor changes to mausoleum

-fixed missing zombie die animations from day time swap

-fixed owls not in view during day time not despawning

-fixed missing indicator for certain thing

-fixed spike/trap hit boxes (again)

-fixed incorrect shadows in veros church


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Update v0.76 D22.M12.Y2023

-added two new item (one of them is not visible in the inventory or usable but dont worry you SHOULD still have it)

-added new area

-added new miniboss

-added 2 new songs

-added new tiles

-added different hit effects for crit and normal

-added attack blocked sound for enemies

-added sounds for normal and crit hit

-added new decor objects

-changed certain miniboss sprite

-improved hud graphics

-improved menu button graphics

-improved some item graphics

-changed minibosses do not get stronger during the night

-minor changes to aljiba

-adjusted several enemy damages, hp and exp drops (often doubling exp and lowering early enemy damage. Did not lower werewolf damage or hp, but increased exp gain)

-nerf: increased owl spawn distance a lot

-fixed exp displayed incorrectly in inventory

-fixed certain exp abuse gimmick


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Päivitys v0.78 D10.M02.Y2024


-added continue system (ruby icon in the hud) to the game, dying reset the location you are in but you lose a bit of gold and exp and you lose the continue, praying at the church replenishes the continue

-added map (very basic) that shows location of the player (accessed with triggers on controller while in menu, backspace on keyboard (cannot be changed, yet))


-added scanlines option to turn scanlines on and off


-added coin bounce sound

-added coin bag pickup sound

##graphics and effects

-added more animation frames to coin

-added coin bounce

-added effect ferry boat weight

-added ferry boat light

-added oar end piece to ferryman

-added effect for dropping blocks breaking when hitting ground

-added effect for some corpses/items colliding with liquids

-added effects for holywater water collision

-added effect for spider web bolt colliding with ground

-added hearts float on water

-added new tiles (joma marsh trees)

-added simon idle animation

-added button indicator for setting 5

-added few different button/key graphics for indicator

-added new church doors

-added lights out effect to candlesticks

-added new npc sprite

-added animation to shrine

-added wings to shrine

-improved shrine orb graphics and animation

-improved bonfires

-improved intro animation

-improved mausoleum platform graphics

-improved some decor object graphics

-improved menu border graphics and background

-improved many npc graphics

-improved device graphics

-improved death screen graphics

-improved several background images

-improved most tile graphics

-improved several enemy sprites

-improved several enemy animations

-improved waterfall graphics

-improved tree leaf graphics

-improved aljiba lampposts

-changed some text colors

-altered simon sprites

-altered simons curse logo colors

-altered vaniamania logo

-altered metzger made logo anim

-adjusted sunray visibility time

-changed simon midair attack sprite


-added area between carmilla cemetery and aljiba

-changes to joma marsh

-changes to dabis path


-added system to check if the player is using keyboard or controller (could be used to to show correct use/action/etc keys/buttons with the indicator)

-reworked most of the enemy AI coding (it does not show that much on the outside, but all the fixes with the enemies are because of it)


-can also equip item1 with the item1 use key/button

-pressing inventory or options button/key while either is active while now close the current menu instead of changing it

-both start and select work in death menu

-added gamepad setting 5 (up button does nothing, use/talking/entering is via top button, item use buttons are bumbers)

-gamepad triggers swap menus from inventory to options

-ingame options selection position resets when closed


-nerf: holy water is not very effective in water

-buff: when starting new game player has 3 more ingame hours before night time

-change: werewolfs now only roam at night


-fixed issue where player would take damage above noxius ponds without hitting them (turns out this was a conversion issue in hitboxes, should not cause anymore issues)

-fixed issue where player would take damage above spikes without hitting them (turns out this was a conversion issue in hitboxes)

-fixed player getting stuck on roof slopes

-fixed werewolf fixes: not using slopes, getting stuck on slopes when jumping, getting stuck on walls

-fixed slime not using slopes

-fixed some enemies shooting from outside of view

-fixed weird behavior with bone throwing skeletons (getting stuck, trolling platforms, staying airborne, getting stuck on ground, throwing bones without animation)

-fixed frog enemies sometimes getting stuck on walls while jumping

-fixed some flying enemies under some objects they should not be

-fixed player jumping out of water splash y pos too high

-fixed mausoleum exit door being closed when boss defeated

-fixed inventory clock not having minutes and hours in double digits (when less than 10)

-fixed certain drop that you were not supposed to die from

-fixed issue with new game in empty save slot trying to load a save

-fixed a lot of typos


Oho. Vai on tämä uudisversio edelleen tekeillä? Kunnioitettavaa, että joku jaksaa vielä kahdentoista vuoden jälkeenkin raataa saman projektin parissa. :jees: En usko, että lataan tätä peliä vielä, sillä minulla ei ole tapana kokeilla fanipelejäkään keskeneräisinä, mutta odotan mielenkiinnolla sen valmistumista. Mikäli nykyinen tahti pysyy samana, ennustan, että versio 1.00 on valmis heti vuoden 2027 alussa. Minulla on aikaa ja kärsivällisyyttä odottaa siihen asti.
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