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Started by A-Yty, 06 January 2011, 17:08

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The NFL lockout might end tommorrow.  :rock:  :weed:  :cheers:  :pullo:  :kahvi:  :whip:  :magic:  :party:  :afro:  :nuija:  :pepsi:


Damn, the soccer ball pic I used earlier in the thread is gone.
New sig, my old one is a dead link, so I changed it to something useless, like this text. If you read it, congrats, you wasted your time.

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The no-kids-allowed movement is spreading ... g-2516110/

I think this is a step in the right direction. :app:

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Gaddafi killed in hometown, now Libya eyes future ... FK20111020

Now what?


Not sure what you're asking or how you see the deed, but I think it was another one in a long line of politically motivated assassinations. It'll create some loyalists and he'll be a martyr to some, but his death will do as much as offing Saddam and Osama did.

The silver lining of this cloud is that he was killed by his own people. Besides, had he been brought to justice, it would have either been another farce where a dictator manipulates the system, gets off easy or dies of old age. The other option would have been a payback execution to flaunt at elections.


Quote from: "A-Yty"his death will do as much as offing Saddam and Osama did.

Same thoughts over here. It's hard to imagine that the disorder in the country would be solved by this. Now that the obvious bad guy is gone, the people will turn against each other. Of course I hope this won't be the case. The NATO forces and foreign investors obviously want a share as well - there's a huge potential in Libya.

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Researchers Aim to Re-Create Beer Found in 19th-Century Shipwreck

Yeah, wonder how it would taste.

Would you try it if they're successful?



Soredemo boku wa yattenai.


And when can we expect this revolution here, you might ask? I'd say 20 years, give or take a two. While we wait for that, scumbags selling sub standard weed mixed with lawnmower clippings (or perhaps their own body hair) get to live fat and skim off and leech off of what could provide people with jobs and the government with taxes (and reduced crime). Also, cops breathing down the necks of harmless people huffing and puffing. Some are - incredibly - even productive members of society.

We may not have a "war on drugs". But it's certainly a stupid, resource-wasting little cat and mouse game that gets people in trouble and tarnishes their records for no other reason than a politically motivated law being in effect. And what about the other, more abstract consequences of this silly probation?

In absence of this particular substance, people get tanked, of course. It's the one law-abiding way to shuffle your deck. Despite alcohol providing violent crimes more than cannabis ever could. Not to mention the expenses of property damages and the ruining of families, careers and relationships.

But anyway. You can breathe easy, ColoradoVaniacs. I am happy for you  :party: