ATTN: Pickle

Started by Azmodan, 10 April 2008, 02:50

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A game far better than Cave Story:

:D - fastest growing Castlevania website


You wish. Nothing is better than Cave Story. Thanks for the effort, though.

This game crashed my browser. :|


Chill out dude and note the smiley face in the end of the message. :P

btw. What's so good about Cave Story? I've never had the nerves to spend more than one hour playing the game.


lol wut? I wasn't being aggressive. I just can't be bothered to always attach a smiley to my posts whenever I want to express an emotion.

I think this topic I made about it can adequately answer why I love the game so much, hehe.


Played through the first level. I couldn't jump while pressing the right arrow key.  :|



Here's some compensation, then. I will be sincerely impressed if you can beat it, Peklo. - fastest growing Castlevania website