So did anyone buy the retro packs for PS 2 ,GC,or X-Box?

Started by Bloodreign, 15 January 2006, 11:08

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It amazes me that the Capcom manages to neglect Hyperdyne Sidearms in every rip off collection they make  :whip: Section Z is just so naff when compared to the True King of the genre. Well, at least Mame does a good job in these early games. The European PSX Capcom Grand Collection is great, though. I have always favored the Namco sets, anyhow. I now have the European Namco Museum PSX games 1-5 and the japanese Namco Museum Encore Box  set with all six cd roms including but not limited to the two Dragon Spirit games.

On my honest opinion the Tecmo Collection should not be overlooked. It is a tight packet and the included games are great. No real letdowns is included. I do not like sports games, so there is games that I do not play even in this small collection. Star Force alone is enough to keep most shump fans enjoyed for quite a long time. The Starto Fighter conversion is not that good. I have played it up to the 3rd level but when they get the sounds right in the Mame port I will stick to that. I am a great Rygar fan but it is a very demanding game and not to every ones tastes. The Tecmo/Tehkan Pinball game has some really good music. It reminds me of  the Star Force tunes. Tecmo and Toaplan will always be remembered of their great musical scores in games. They could have included the Techmo Knight and the Ninja Gaiden games in this Tecmo collection but perhaps there will be a sequel some day?


Isn't Sidearms recently included on the PSP version of Capcom Classics Collection Remixed? I know Strider, 1941, and Black Tiger were thrown in, but the Ghouls N Ghosts games were left out.

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