Nightmare Busters - The newest SNES game to be released since 1998

Started by ParasiteX, 20 December 2013, 00:20

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That's right folks! There is a new Super Nintendo (Super Famicom) game coming out this year. Nightmare Busters is a co-op supported modern 16-bit hack-and-slash game developed traditionally on a SNES -cartridge. According to game developers' site, the shipping will start this month (December 2013). Currently the game, including shipping costs, is priced at 68USD to those living in the US and 75USD (55€) worldwide. The euro price is currently moderately low due to dollar's devaluation this month. I don't know about you guys, but I'm tempted to place an order here...


I am tempted. But I'd like to see a review before. Been looking for a good co-op game for SNES. I've been hounding TMNT IV fpr that reason (and it's an awesome game), but the PAL version keeps going for way too much or slips through my fingers.