I miss the old Peklo

Started by Azmodan, 06 December 2010, 00:57

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Old Peklo knew how to have fun. He was the jolliest mountain of a man there ever was. Whenever I was feeling down, he'd give me a smile and cheer me up instantly. If the whole forum was depressed, he'd post a lolcat or an image macro and make them ^_^ again. Whenever something humorous happened, everyone would titter at his excited proclamations of 'epic win.' The days were like unlimited fields of sunshine with Old Peklo, unusual for someone from the frostbitten, ice-black mountains of grim Finland.

But then something happened. A-Yty, former pro-wrestler and Rastafarian, started to frown at Peklo's joy. Within his black heart he knew no Finn should be so happy, because those are called Swedes.  He started coming down on him hard like The Man. When Peklo would voice his thoughts, A-Yty would say "well that's just your own opinion." Whenever Peklo would say he liked a game's music, A-Yty would say "it's ok. I guess."
Now New Peklo is just a bitter husk of a man. Nobody laughs when he's around. He ridicules everything. If someone is happy, he calls them a 'hoser' and a 'slother'. He is more Mörkö now, than man.

Bring back the old Peklo.

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Man..it's like hearing our life story written by God himself  :shock: ) - but maybe you guys could lure him here  :magic: