Paavo, have you seen Megaman: Upon A Star?

Started by Anonymous, 26 June 2005, 02:41

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I swear, this anime is catered to lolicons.  It takes place in Japan, the other main characters are children, and Roll sounds exactly like a 7 year old. Anyways, the basic plot, is some Japanese kid leaves the TV on after playing Megaman V one night, and Dr. Wily escapes from it, so he plans to take over Japan. Then Megaman jumps out of the TV too and he has too stop him.

Kultamuna Classic

I need that. :|


The weird thing about this 3 episode OVA is that the first episode looks very dated while the next episodes look straight out of Megaman 8!  :o Also, the second episode, the boy and his sister don't act all that suprised when Megaman jumps out of the TV, yet they act like this is the first time they've seen him!

Thankfully, Megaman sounds like a boy in the English and Japanese audio tracks.