Final Fantasy 2: why all the hate?

Started by Chaos Guardian, 09 May 2008, 21:44

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Chaos Guardian

I don't understand all the hate directed toward this game. Sure, It may not be as good as FF legend 2, Romancing saga 1-3 or both Saga Frontiers, but it's still a damn good game. as far as leveling up weapons and magic goes, just don't give everything to everybody. In other words, customize.

My party:

Firon: dual swords; cure, holy, ultima

Guy: spear and axe; status spells and cure

Maria: bow and arrow or variable weapons; Black magic and cure

Leon: spear and blood sword; flare, holy, cure and bio.

But enough from me, what about you?


I played Final Fantasy II on PlayStation a couple of years ago, but then I had a long pause from playing it. Even though it was a good game, I just had played so many RPGs I got bored of them. I started playing it again last month and it was great. :)

My party (haven't got Leon yet):

Firion: sword and spear

Maria: sword and dagger

Gus: fists

I use some curing spells with every character.

Chaos Guardian

It's good to see another FF 2 fan posting here!  :lol:

What kind of magic did you have on each of them?


I don't use magic very much. Here's what my characters have:

Firion: Cure, Life, Warp
Maria: Cure, Life, Esuna
Gus: Cure, Life, Warp

Chaos Guardian

You didn't use anything on Leon?  :shock:


Did they remake this for the PSOne, Chaos? I think it was Anthology or something. I didn't get the mumbo-jumbo technicalities as the other forum, so what's with this title that makes it so bad/misunderstood, etc.? - fastest growing Castlevania website

Chaos Guardian

It was in Origins with FF1.

It gets it mostly for it's level up system, which isn't really that bad.

It was square's experiment in stat/ability customization, which later showed up in FF5-12.


Quote from: "Chaos Guardian"You didn't use anything on Leon?  :shock:

Chaos Guardian

Well, I beat it recently, as well as soul of rebirth. :mrgreen: