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Chaos Guardian

I'm going to have to go with the horde, due to them having high HP and attack.

For starcraft, I'll go with the terrans because the marine is a good unit that can fire at flying enemies.

This topic is also where you can talk about Warcraft/starcraft. :mrgreen:


StarCraft is The RTS game for me. Actually, I usually rank it the best game ever. If they cancel SC2, I'll make several prank calls to Blizzard!
I like WarCraft, but don't care much about WOW. Sure, the story is a combination of fantasy clichés, but in RTS form it is highly enjoyable.

In the original SC, I play Zerg. They're fast breeders and are usually underestimated because they lack the colossal spaceships and invisible assassins Terran and Protoss employ.


I enjoy every Blizzard game and I'm also extremely addicted to that accursed World of Warcrack. My main is a human priestess. For the Alliance!

Starcraft Brood War is probably the best RTS I've played, and most certainly the one I've played the most. Countless hours in :) Protoss is my choice of race due to good basic units like Dragoon and Zealots (especially with the speed upgrade), and due to their music and general mysticism. Psionic powers, ooohh!

In Warcraft 3 I mostly play undeads.
Soredemo boku wa yattenai.


For the horde! My main is Keladian (70lv) paladin on Moonglade.  :twisted:
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Chaos Guardian

I wish they would make warcraft 4.

It would be the night elves(Cenarius) vs. the Naga(Queen Ashira). Sargaras, Kil'jadeen, and Archimonde would all be present for the 1st burning legion Invasion of Azoroth.  :shock:


DEATH COMES FOR YE!! :twisted:


I've always been into strategy and like to seek weak points of artificial intelligence or glitches in game play. For example, in most C&C games best way to win is to select Russian units and build as many ordinary soldiers as possible. Nothing can stop a supermob of angry Russians!
...except a river maybe. ;)
I personally like to play with Zergs(Zergruuuuush!), because of cool design, sounds, and difficulty level.
However, I'm well aware that at least in Starcraft I(1), Terrans are the most powerful race. Terrans are simple and effective(especially with tanks). Most people who have played the game long enough online would say the same thing, because it's true. Protoss is superior on mini-maps due to super strong starting units. :kahvi:


Terrans have great defense, but like it says on the Blizzard website, they have a tendency to "turtle". It's easy to get caught in micro-managing and upgrading them or waiting for the bigger units to be finished.


While I have it and Brood War, I was never that big into Starcraft. D:

Warcraft, on the other hand, I love. Maybe too much. It was about the first PC game I was addicted to, WCII. I loved looking through Chris Metzen's drawings in the manual. I always played as the Alliance, because High Elves own. Needless to say, I weeped bitter tears when I realized the humans got the shaft in WCIII, and the fact they fared no better in Frozen Throne. World of Warcraft used to be the game I was always on, but I eventually got bored with it last year.

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Chaos Guardian

I heard from somewhere that starcraft 2's coming out in December.  :cheers:


Knowing Blizzard, I wouldn't count on it. Till the game has been released, I won't even believe they won't cancel it at the last minute :[

But it would be pretty sweet if it came out in a couple of months. Not sure if I can play it with this comp, though.

Chaos Guardian

#10 ... 0702781643

Just an estimate.

And HOLY SHIT, $59.99?!??!?!?!?!!??  :shock: :shock: :[


I'm guessing they'll release some sort of special edition later. Or more like I hope so. My SC Battle Chest is feeling lonely  :[