The "ED" button

Started by Kultamuna Classic, 25 February 2005, 20:11

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Kultamuna Classic




Shame on you. :shame:


Kultamuna Classic

Hey! It`s my talkshow! :x  (:D)


I locked this topic in February, but now it's not against rules anymore, so...  :lol:


"ED" button? Whats that? You mean End? Or what
Amatööreistä poikkean siinä, että olen oikeasti lahjakas.


It's the Ed button from CV Dungeon, he and I are mafia bosses.... err mods there.

It's also known as the w00t button.
New sig, my old one is a dead link, so I changed it to something useless, like this text. If you read it, congrats, you wasted your time.


Hello, i love! Let me in, please :)

Kultamuna Classic

Quote from: "IagraJack"Hello, i love! Let me in, please :)

If the answer is "yes", we'll let you in... :twisted: