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Started by A-Yty, 09 September 2005, 19:36

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A simple game: post a picture or a quote. Others will try to guess the game in question. I'll start.

"Brainstern! Erase this pest!"


I'll guess Maniac Mansion? At least I think that the quote is from a Lucasfilm game, anyhow. You'll have to give a hint for 3 points now if I'm mistaken!

This is something that will read in the game screen during the play: "3 Solvalou left". Mind you, it is an Arcade game.


Nope. It's a Capcom game.  8)


Well I know that Solvalou is from Xevious, right? But I hve no idea of the first one ^^
Soredemo boku wa yattenai.


The "Brainstern" one is from Onimusha 3, I believe.
A memory false as summer snow


Correct!  :jees:

"..I don't have much time so listen closely. In order to defeat them I need your help.

- I guess I have no choice..let's roll!"


George W. Bush and Tony Blair.  :lol:


Quote from: ""Lumienkeli""Well I know that Solvalou is from Xevious, right? But I hve no idea of the first one ^^

Correct! You've just earned 5 virtual credits to your favorite emulator running Xevious ;)


Quote from: ""Qualtagh""George W. Bush and Tony Blair.  :lol:

I'll bet my money to Final Fantasy VII. It's a bit far streched quess, I'm first one to admit. At least Cloud says to Barrett: "Here they come!"

Here's one:
"-You find the dull woman sexy! But then, you find any women sexy."


GRADIUS V!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I mean the one from A-yTy

As for my game, I have a screen from a certain game right here:
Soredemo boku wa yattenai.


Yeah! Gradius V it is! Should have remembered that one  :|.


That's Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney, Lumienkeli!

Okay, here's my quote:
"It's dangerous to go alone! Take this."
Sending to a 56k is like peeing in the ocean.


Za Regendo obu Zeruda! Or Zelda no densetsu ^^
Soredemo boku wa yattenai.


Quote from: ""Lumienkeli""GRADIUS V!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Well, I guess I'll post a new one, then:

"All because of this religious freedom! Too much freedom, too many gods. Let those cultist cur-dogs run loose, and they will bite you. Gods! While our Parliament cowers..."
A memory false as summer snow