Castlevania: Questions unanswered & details open for interpretation

Started by A-Yty, 17 June 2014, 18:19

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This can act both as a general fanon thread or just a place to present questions that may very well have canon answers.

I have a simple one. What does Maria say in the prologue of SotN when he heals Richter? To me, it sounds like: "Richter! Regain your strength!".


Didn't they have that piece of voice acting also remade in DXC? :hmm:


I checked some videos from YouTube, but none of the dialogue change lists show that scene.


Here's a theory; Mathias Cronqvist's soul was released from his curse at the end of SotN. He has a moment of regret (even though it's about going against his wife's last wish) and instead of exploding or dying with a roar as he usually does, columns of light appear and point upwards as he vanishes silently. That seems rather symbolic and I think it's the only time he loses in a peaceful manner.

This would also explain why his personality is largely absent from that point on. His personal history and motivations are rarely - if ever - mentioned again.


I started thinking: why exactly couldn't Alucard help Lisa? If he was within hearing distance of Lisa's last words, surely a young dhampir son of Dracula should be able to take down a lynch mob to save his mother.


My exact memories of the dialogue and details told in the Legends manual are not clear. But I just started pondering details about the ending.

Was Sonia pregnant throughout the whole of Legends? If not, then when did she get knocked up? Did Alucard hold off beginning his slumber to wait for her to kill his dad? Was he all like: "Oh good, you managed to kill Father. Want to have a quickie before I go to hibernation"?

And if Sonia was already pregnant, that was careless timing, because she should have been aware that a fight with Dracula was around this time. I mean, why else would the Belmonts have had a legacy of fighting supernatural threats and the Vampire Killer? Surely they had to have been aware of Dracula before he surfaced :wtf:

Or is it that Sonia settled for a full human dude instead and the child is only heavily implied to be Alucard's? This is incredulous because of the line in the EU and US version:

Quote"After some time, the young girl of our legend became a mother, whose child would carry on the fate and tragedy of the Belmont family and the bloodline of dark ways. A child burdened with a cursed fate".

Between the lines you have to also kind of fill in the blanks of how Sonia's kid had a surrogate father - who was very likely duped into thinking the child was his flesh and blood. Soo..Sonia must have married really fast after the ending, consummated the marriage and told the guy it's his kid. That's more plausible than being a single mother during those days  :o