Favorite Puzzle Games

Started by Bloodreign, 21 February 2021, 06:07

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Anyone besides me into puzzle games here, what are your favorites. Mine are:

The Puyo Puyo series up till the 4th game, couldn't get into any after that one. The early ones have such a weird insane cast, plus I suck at them, but still love the original 4 in the series.

The Magical Drops, puzzle games that require speed, and less on thinking ahead. Data East was known for quirky games, this is one of their best IMO. The cast are all based off of tarot cards, and the animation while in battle are amazing, though not on the scale of the animation in Puchi Carat during matches.

The Taisen Puzzle Dama/Tokkae Dama series from Konami. Pretty much Puyo Puyo, but instead of 4 or more to match, and try to make chains in, it only requires you to match 3 of the same colored balls to clear them. Short games with not many opponents in them, but they are all pretty damned hard to beat too. Cannot 1 credit anyone of them excpt the one on Saturn based off of the Chibi Maruko-chan anime.

Money Puzzle Idol Exchange, this game confuses me, and is extremely hard to learn for me, yet I still find it incredibly fun to play. There's a Saturn games that is pretty much the same game, but with animals, and instead of stacking coins at the top to make chains, you do it on the bottom of the play area instead. The game is called Moujiya, it is a blatant copy of MPIE, but animal characters replace the human characters of Idol.

Panel de Pon SFC, Yes, I prefer the original SFC version over the Yoshi's Island version, I hate when puzzle games get altered like that. I was fine when I didn't know the truth of the series, but once I found out, it took me long enough, but I retired my Tetris Attack copy (it's not even Tetris) and bought Panel de Pon instead. PdP even has 1 more fight than the US version does, and the original fairy cast is charming.

Puzzle Bobble series, mainly the first 4, a few after, like the DS ones, and one on the PSP, Bust A Move Deluxe. Didn't care much for the 2 PS2 games, hated the artstyle used for them, plus Bub was left out of the first game of the PS2 series, which is blasphemy. And the one on Wii, Bust A Move Plus, is as dull as an overused knife, the game feels absolutely soulless as there's no CPU characters to battle against, unlike the other versions out there.

Arkanoid, though technically I wouldn't call these puzzle games (they are all Breakout clones), I love me some Arkanoid. I also love the Arkanoid mixed with Puzzle Bobble game known as Puchi Carat, an absolutely graphically stunning, and beautiful game. The Taito Zuntata soundtrack for it is a joy to the ears too.
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Portal, I suppose, qualifies as retro these days, since it came out in about 15 years ago.. It's also one of my top 20 games of all time. The sequel too. I enjoyed the co-op and wish the servers still worked for the PS3 version (I'd like to platinum it).

Never owned many classic puzzle games growing up. I have been playing the Konami Pixel Puzzle Collection on my phone every now and then. That introduced me to picross.


I have Portal on Steam, like the rest of my Steam stuff, it is all stuff either gifted to me, or stuff that was free. After about 20 minutes with Portal, I found it bored me. Yes I love puzzle games, but Portal just didn't cut it for me, within that 20 minutes I was ready to go to sleep out of sheer boredom. I dunno, maybe I like my puzzle games with a bit more color, and pixels perhaps.
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