Christmas 2018 shout outs

Started by Bengr Hausve, 23 November 2018, 02:29

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Bengr Hausve

A loud holler for Christmas 2018!  :facepalm: :mrgreen:

PFG 9000

Hello all.  I've never been to this forum before, but I've been a member at the Castlevania Dungeon Forum for something like 17 years.  You might know me as Pfloydguy2, Pinky, or PFG.  Or Rick Meves if you're in the Facebook groups.

Bengr Hausve

Hey Rick many of us are CVD/ICVD vets and some of us mostly remember you by the name PFG9000 (PFLOYDGUY9000).  :mrgreen:  :nuija: :pepsi: Merry Christmas!

Bengr Hausve



I've been here an eternity, guess I was asked to come say hi.

So uh....HI!
New sig, my old one is a dead link, so I changed it to something useless, like this text. If you read it, congrats, you wasted your time.

Bengr Hausve

Yes I have been more than passive aggressive trying to get the all stars together. Ahem.  :nuija: :pepsi: I hope many more 2000-2004 CVD patrons drop by without me ask...I mean forcing. Lol.

Jorge D. Fuentes

Merry Christmas, to the dead forum with the moon language I don't understand.
Have a great holiday season and a great 2019.


We're never dead. Just under varying states of hibernation  :kahvi: