Design a cuh-razee reboot

Started by A-Yty, 05 June 2012, 14:18

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You know how the sphere of rebooting keeps getting bigger and bigger? Sometimes it's just minor changes to the original, but sometimes it can do more than raise eyebrows and drop monocles.

A real life example that comes to mind would be the Turtles supposedly being aliens in the upcoming movie reboot. Instead of sewer-dwelling anthromorphic ninja reptiles raised by a mutant rat who learned martial arts by imitating his owner, they're just..from outer space. The reason it's so controversial isn't just fan/nerd rage. It messes with the very original origin of the source material. I think Eastman and Laird wrote the origin to poke fun at the numerous accident-causes-superpowers stories. And instead of handsome, righteous champions in spandex, it was a universally despised vermin teaching four teenagers to become ruthless assassins.

But TMNT became a true phenomenon only after it was retooled for kids. However, they kept what mattered in place, though slightly altered to suit the family-friendly approach: the origin, the antagonist etc. Thought it wasn't an actual reboot instead of alternate take on it, it's an example of determining the essentials of source material. The new TMNT is a reboot; there was a movie continuity before it and this one is gonna replace it.

Anyway, I'm getting distracted. The purpose of this thread is to make up reboots that are as far-fetched and insane as possible. Think of a series - movies, games, whatever - that could be remade as silly as your mind's eye can see.

Silent Hill

You're in the real estate business. You're given the tough neighborhood of Silent Hill to sell. Gameplay includes handling the budget, making reasonable offers and balancing home and work life. This includes picking kids from school and spending quality time with your spouse. Failure to do so will lead to the PC's increasing mental instability and substance abuse, that will lead to seeing horrible visions. However, using speed and cocaine might help you complete tasks every now and then. You've got to watch out for it, though: can't became too addicted or you'll have to go through several redundant QTEs, such as tapping a button to not die of a heart attack. You've also got to butter up clients and associates in conversations and through gestures (this means a combination of a dance game interface and Mass Effect-style conversation pie menu).

You also have to beat Pyramid Head, a devious rival agency, to complete the game. Developed by Activision/Sierra, as a spiritual successor to Jones in the Fast Lane.


I'm no fan of reboots, it's just stuff done over and over with some ideas changed.

Other than that, I got nothing.  :doh:

Edit: how about a Gradius game where you get to pick what kind of paint job the Vic Viper gets to have, and you fly training missions. Nah too boring, not insane.

How about a Gradius game where the idea is to not shoot the core, but die over and over again to see how many times before you turn the game off in frustration because nothing wants to shoot at you for once.
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This could be crazy or not: rebooting Double Dragon in a serious way.

I think it's not that crazy. It's easy The gameplay mechanics would work well; there would be a stamina meter and there would emphasis on combos or straigthtforward fighting, depending on your preferences and/or the enemy. I think it's the fact that new hand-to-hand brawler games seem to be really rare these days that makes the idea initially seem odd. I'm not saying there wouldn't be weapons, but I think the emphasis should be on disarming and perfecting the moves. I'd like it to be more focused and tactical than games like God of War, where everything is just a damn circus where blood and guts fly around. The Batman Arkham games would be the best kind of modern inspiration I could think of for this.

Double Dragon was serious, especially DD2. I don't know if the nuclear war setting should be used in this reboot, but all I'm saying DD can be more than Neon (which was an ok game, but not the kind of reboot I'm hoping for).