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Started by Dorakyura, 04 July 2011, 23:46

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... That this might yet be the resting grounds of a particular Paavo of notable infamy. Seeing Bloodreign here is something of a confirmation. Are you here? It would be nice to catch up, but I guess I can hang out with MOreign... vuonna Suomen!

(Apologies if I just called someone's mother a delightfully ethnic slur or something)


Bloodreign has been our most active foreigner for years  :mrgreen:  8)


What a shame, what a shame.

I would like very much if you could say hello to him for me, if you are still in touch with him. Let him know that old faces haven't forgotten him, and would like to send our best. That said, it astounds me (and warms my heart a little) to see Castlevania so well received in Finland. I have not seen many fan sites for it in French or Japanese these days, and it makes me happy to know it is alive and well around the world still.

I will try to continue to come in, whether or not Paavo is around, just to see what I can. Thanks for letting me know, A-Yty.


It's nice to see that the site attains foreign interest now and then. Our community has remained relatively small, and the staff has had its seasons of inactivity, but the ultimate interest in the series never dies.

If you would like to contact Paavo personally, his username here is Kultamuna Classic.


Yeah, it's good to see that our little community gets some international attention too  8)

And who knows, maybe Paavo will eventually come back - especially if all of us keep pining after him  :o


As far as I know Paavo spent the whole last year in Japan, but now he's back in the hood. So it's not completely impossible for him to return into the circles. I highly doubt though.  :hmm:


He's been back for quite a time already. And he had already been pretty much gone for the last couple of years before he went there. And it wasn't just here he wasn't visiting. I don't remember seeing him at the Dungeon or the Attic or any of the usual places.

Guess he's not that much into CV anymore. But I bet many of us would still like to know why he's avoiding all things Internet. That hearbreaker loved and left us all  :cry:


Well, every board you post in eats a considerable amount of your everyday time, because you have to keep checking on them in case of new messages (especially the potential answers to your own messages). It's understandable to eliminate some of these activities, if you want to have more time to focus on some other aspects in life.


Obviously. There are tons of more productive things you can do. And I'm not saying anyone has any kind of obligation to keep people updated on their life. But it's just kind of puzzling, since he was so active for years. So, it's not just about hoping he'd return. It's about wanting to know what's up.


I used to go to the Castlevania Repertoire, where I met him, and I would love to know what he's been up to since... geez, nearly five years ago. Anyhow, the Attic is still a place, huh? I occasionally go to ICVD where I first got involved with the Castlevania community many moons ago, but I have unfortunately fallen out of message boarding habits myself, so his situation is more than understandable - it's the same! I am an American currently in Canada, no less, and while less dramatic than going to Japan, it is still near impossible to attend message boards while trying to eke out life from a completely new start.

To be honest, it was playing the new Castlevania HD that had me growing nostalgic for old faces and times, but I am sure that scoundrel is doing what he does best across the globe... but it's impossible to divorce oneself from Castlevania! :[


Wait, did I say Attic? I meant CV Corner  :mrgreen:
..which is not functional anymore, it seems. I think they turned into some general retrogaming / Konami fan forum  :nerd:


Heard from Paavo a few days ago on Facebook, for what else....wrestling. He was the first and only person who ever even got me touching any kind of blog after years of me being anti-blog/social media.  :mrgreen:

A-Yty CVC is dead and gone, Rums joined us at Retro Reality forums.

Dorak: Attic is long dead too, the servers that hosted the forum were lost in a fire at wherever they were stored at, the main site is still up though but isn't updated as Raven Reapers a busy married man these days (found out via....surprise, Facebook).
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