Packers win Super bowl 45

Started by Chaos Guardian, 07 February 2011, 06:52

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Chaos Guardian


YEAH!   :[  :weed:  :cheers:  :twisted:  :pullo:  :whip:  :magic:  :party:  :pepsi: ... rs@packers


Where is Green Bay? :hmm:



Chaos Guardian

It's in Wisconsin.  :facepalm:

Dude, use google next time.  :[  :shock:


Silly Armpitball  :hehe:

Chaos Guardian

Pfft, better than your drunken hooligan ball (soccer and rugby).

(Though the NFL is stupid with some of its rules)


Oh, you're telling me. Football (or soccer..whatever you wanna call it) is pretty much millionaires faking injuries.

Then again, I don't really care for sports in general. Unless I'm betting :hehe:

Chaos Guardian

Well, I wouldn't be opposed to a Professional US rugby league with a spring season and summer post season. :[