The REAL Castlevania Movie

Started by Belmonto, 07 November 2010, 14:58

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Fanvision is making the REAL, REAL FAN movie! (in Italy)
With a Famous actors, Ancient castles and Special effects!

Links :

1) Official Trailer -
2) Interview at the local TV -
3) Movie Casting -
4) Location Photos -

So, in 2011 we're getting TWO Castlevania Movies: :brow:
one official (by Konami) and one "unofficial" (by Fanvision)


Quote from: "Belmonto"Fanvision is making the REAL, REAL FAN movie! (in Italy)
With a Famous actors, Ancient castles and Special effects!

You have to be the biggest Castlevania fan ever if you're going to enjoy this. The effects are SPECIAL all right. Like special olympics.
I'm actually rendered speechless as no worlds can describe how abominable it seems: not only as something Castlevania -related, but also something even remotely related to film making (because the correct definition for this....this miserable pile of something... would be: 'raping Castlevania with the use of movie making equipment'). I can't really imagine anyone enjoying this as a movie unless injected with a mountain of intravenous drugs. Actually it's gonna suck so bad that I'll have to see it for myself. :mrgreen:


Yesterday I have received a letter from Fanvisionfilms:
QuoteHey there, one more thing, regarding our Castlevania film project,
we are looking for 3d animators and 3d modelers and designer, graphic designer and matte painter.
Let me know if you find someone.
Everything is prepared and production will start soon, but they need the people:
3D animators, 3D modellers, designers, graphic designers and matte painters.

If you have the necessary skills, want to join the Epic Legion of developers and
see your name in the movie titles,
don't miss your chance!

1) Necessary skills example: Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and other professional software.

2) There is no need to make a trip to Italy.
The work will be organized remotely, so you can do it right at home.

If you will decide, send a private message to me at Youtube!


You make it sound like you could be the director of this film. :nortti:
First of all, I thought you were kidding about this. Mainly because of how you put it out and the trailer that  looks even worse than The Groom Lake's trailer, and that was one of the worst movies ever made (note: the trailer is a thousand times better than the movie). I've seen ten years old kids making better than that with the budjet of a zero. If the movie is going to look anything like in the trailer, I'm afraid you're going to need the whole Pixar animating team, say, for about five years to make it look good.  :|